Custom Work

Detail of Tender Places, 2018

Detail of Tender Places, 2018


I take a limited amount of custom orders for lingerie pieces including teddies, knickers, tap pants, slips and bralettes. These are for original designs made to your measurements. I do not remake pieces to order but can definitely make you something just as beautiful as any of your favorite pieces.


My pieces are made of etchings printed on silk embellished with lace, beading, ribbons and ruffles. If you are unfamiliar with the etching process you can read about it here. The delicacy of the materials I use and the embellishments mean that my pieces are quite delicate and best for special occasion use only. My work is strictly cold hand wash with gentle detergent!

The fabric used is silk, mainly satins and georgettes with a wide range of lace trims. I minimise the use of elastics in my pieces choosing to use tie, snap and hook fastenings instead. Colours are limited to my current range of etchings on silk. All prints are limited edition, usually less than five printed on a particular fabric. Please enquire to find out what colours and prints are available.

The price of each piece is dependent on a number of factors including the number of etchings included, the material costs and amount of details such as beading, cutaway lace appliqué and other trimmings.

Starting prices for pieces are as follows:

Knickers $300 (AUD)

High waisted knickers and tap pants $400 (AUD)

Bralettes $400 (AUD)

Teddies $600 (AUD)

Slips $600 (AUD)


Please get in touch using the contact page on my website with what you have in mind. I can give you a quoted price once we have established what is to be included in the design. After you decide to proceed I require a $50 (AUD) deposit to draw up the design for you. We can then adjust the details as required. Before I commence cutting and sewing I will need a 50% deposit with the balance to be paid when the work is completed. Shipping is at an additional cost. If you are based in Sydney I am happy for you to pick up your piece from my studio in Sydney.