Port Jackson Press Exhibition


Port Jackson Press is showing a survey of my recent etchings opening on the 21st of February. Port Jackson Press is a mainstay in the Australian printmaking community. They have exhibited many of the leading print makers in the country. The exhibition will embrace my love of the tones, textures and technicalities of etching. The landscapes are fantastical, pieced together from Australian wilderness spaces and most recently the Himalayas. I hope if you are in Melbourne that you can make the time to stop by. Etching are always more wonderful in real life, where the depth of tones and textures can be seen. For purchase inqurires please contact Laura at the email below.

You can view the exhibition details online here

February 21, 2019 — March 6, 2019

Wednesday - Saturday: 11am - 5pm

67 Cambridge Street, Collingwood, Victoria,

3066, Australia

T: (03) 9419 8988
E: info@portjacksonpress.com.au