Wonderland at Gaffa Gallery

I have three new textile and two photographic works included in Wonderland at Gaffa Gallery.

When you hear ‘wonderland’ you think of Alice – you think of madness and absurdity and things that are never what they seem. You think of colours, whimsy and magic that is tempered by a sense of unsettling strangeness.  Wonderland is an exhibition that draws on the many ideas and definitions associated with wonder – surprise, inspiration, curiosity, and a feeling of amazement caused by something beautiful, remarkable or unfamiliar. This exhibition is about the idea that in an increasingly dark world wonderful things can still happen. Exhibiting artists are Allyson Adeney, Anna Battersby, Susan Chen, Allegra Holmes, Kate Hughes, Ella Judd, Marguerite Lorraine, Laura Nolan and Kristi Pupo.    

Gaffa Gallery

281 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW

Mon - Fri: 10-6pm
Sat: 11-5pm